I’m Landon. My interests include travel, music, stand up comedy, and filmography. I became interested in photography through travel. After I graduated high school, I wanted to record the scenery on a trip to Europe. I love to tinker, and photography offers many opportunities for creative tinkering. I never planned to be a professional photographer. It all started when a friend of a friend needed a last minute wedding photographer. After the first wedding I shot, I was approached by more clients. That was when I first considered making photography my profession.

Hillson Photography specializes in wedding portraits that tell a story, evoke an emotion and invite the viewer into a dreamworld built around you.  To realize this goal, planning is key.  I sit down with each client twice before the big day to discuss the schedule, location and their vision for their wedding photography.  When your special day comes, you can be confident that all the important details are taken care of.  You won’t get this peace of mind from a photographer that shows up for the first time on your wedding day.

Dedication to quality and attention to detail are apparent in all Hillson products.  I hand-select and edit each image myself, ensuring consistency and quality.  Hillson photobooks are an excellent example of this.  I use my background in filmography, graphic design and script-writing to lay out your wedding day as a complete story–rather than simply a collection of photos. This unique product captures the spirit of your wedding day in a way that no other format can.